Welcome to my ‘Recyclix‘ page!

This is a very interesting and completely different business opportunity from all the others.

To make things clear right from the start, this is NOT a company with which you will make a lot of money fast. This is a bit longer term investment. If you want to make money faster, check out other opportunities on this website.

Recyclix is a company which recycles waste and what is important for us – shares its profit with the investors.

Above all, you have an opportunity to make money while helping the planet, which is quite rare.


The company is based in Poland, which is in European Union, so certain rules have to be followed.

Their website is just awesome (in my opinion) and there are no spelling or other mistakes which builds trust.

Open a free account by clicking this link! You’ll have to scroll the ‘Terms and services’ text all the way to the bottom and agree with it, after what you’ll see the following page –


In the field ‘Master Account ID’ you should put in my code – 0DA8-7C34-3DA9 (the first character is zero, the best way to do it is to copy-paste the code from this page). After that you’ll get the initial 20 euros bonus and become a part of my team!

On my ‘Safety scale’, at the moment, has a grade 8!

The marketing plan is a bit complicated at the first glance (it took me some time to understand everything and to try it out).

All in all, every 5 weeks you will get 14% profit on your investment. For example, if you invest 100 euros, you’ll get 14 euros after 5 weeks profit (and then enter the new cycle), if you invest 1000 euros, it will bring you 140 euros after 5 weeks.

This is an excellent profit!

Here’s a short video that shows what the company is all about:

What is a bit strange (and different than other companies) is that this investment you cannot withdraw fully, only 25% of it, at the beginning (later the percent can grow up to 50%).

Bottom line – it will take you around 10 months to get back your investment and start making money with Recyclix.

What is cool is that they give you free 20 euros, after signing up, to try the system.

I tested the system for 2 months, and all is functioning properly.

Exactly as explained on the website.

Here are my investments:

On 3rd of June I invested 200 euros.

On 28th of June 115 euros.

On 17th of October 200 euros more.

The rest are deposits from the profit I made in Recyclix.

(before this I had few deposits, because they’re not shown on this screenshot I won’t be mentioning them)

Since I managed to come to 5.000kg of waste I was able to purchase some ‘equipment shares‘. I’ve invested 32 euros in ‘Forklift’ shares, which has increased my waste limit from 5.000kg to 5.800kg, which will bring me even greater profit over time.

By purchasing some other equipment shares (later) your profit share may increase from starting 25% to amazing 50%! 🙂

What is also a great feature is the option to do everything on ‘autopilot’. You can check the option to have all of your profit reinvested in the next cycle, without you even being online. All you have to do, is to check from time to time and see how your investment is doing and how much money you’ve made. Of course, you can resume control at any time 🙂

All I can tell you is, that if this company remains in business for couple of years, we will all make good money with it!

By clicking on the banner below, you can join the company, and my team. After that, I can explain all the details, answer all the questions (there will be those, since, as I said, the marketing plan is a bit complicated at the beginning and you’ll need some time to understand everything and to try everything out).

Open a free account by clicking this link or the banner below! Don’t forget to put my code 0DA8-7C34-3DA9 in the ‘Master Account ID’ field (the first character is zero, the best way to do it is to copy-paste the code from this page)




All the best, happy recycling!

Mike 🙂