Online transactions

If you wish to work online, you will have to invest money.

If you decide to use your credit/debit cards, you’ll use one of online money processors.

The most famous is PayPal, but many online companies avoid it.

What they all accept is Payza.

You can open free account by clicking on the banner below.

Payza doesn’t accept MasterCards.



The future of online money transactions is (in my opinion) Bitcoin. It is a crypto currency which you can buy, sell, trade, send, receive almost instantly with a minimal fee. These are MAJOR differences comparing to banking transactions and Bitcoin will be the end of bank mafia as we know it.

In order to buy Bitcoin, you’ll have to have a Bitcoin wallet. There are many out there, the one I will recommend you in SpectroCoin.

You can open CpectroCoin wallet for free by clicking on this link or the banner below

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Because in this company I’ve found everything I need in one place!

You can buy and sell bitcoin with minimal fees.

You can use your cards to buy bitcoin (5% fee) or go through bank (wire transfer) or many other online payment processors.

You can sell bitcoin too, and get money in your bank account or for example ‘Skrill‘.

What made up my mind when it comes to bitcoin wallets is the option to get VISA card from the company, which you can ‘load’ and withdraw money from ANY ATM out there or pay your bills in stores, restaurants, wherever they accept VISA cards 🙂

The cards can be in EUR, USD or GBP.

They offer the classic (plastic) cards, their price is 8 eur/usd, or ‘virtual‘ ones which you can use only online, their price is 0.5 eur/usd.

I have both.

So, with these cards you can effectively get the money you have in bitcoin (beforehand you’ll have to exchange bitcoin to your card’s currency and load the card). You’ll get the money from ATM in local currency of course and if that matches your card’s currency, the fees are less 🙂

Bitcoins from your wallet you can send to anyone on the planet, including all the companies I work with.


All the best in your online business!

Mike 🙂