My Matrix

This is a Matrix program (in which I never take part) but this time I’m making an exception because it’s developed by the company and CEO in which I have absolute trust (100%) – My Traffic Value.

I’ve been doing business with the for couple of years now, never had a problem.

Matrix just started, on 25th of June and it can bring a substantial profit to those who join at the very beginning!

To join you’ll need to put 0.027 btc (bitcoin) in your account.

At the moment the value of that is around 72US$.

You have to pay this amount monthly (every month) you want to participate in profit distribution.


No matrix has brought profit to everyone, but in this case, MTV will give free advertising on their Paidverts website to the people who don’t manage to get back the money they’re invested.

Join My Matrix now, it has JUST started, click here !

What you need to do to get paid is the get 2 members to join (you’re breaking even, getting the 72$ back). Of course for the month they pay.

Profit for the members who don’t pay will go to the ones above them who have paid.

Also there is a possibility to get members from your upline (in this case me, and those above me). Every member who joins through the person above you (in this case me) will go to you (after I fill in my first 2 members). This is called ‘spillover’. This means the all the members who join through me (after the first two) will go to the members in my organization (you). Like a waterfall… 🙂

This means that you can profit even without referring people to the matrix.

Here’s the profit scheme –

My Matrix Srbija

Let me explain this picture a little bit – 

The first line pays the 0.027 x 2 to you.

The second line, the refs of your refs, pay the 0.045 x 4 to you.

The line under them, pays the third upgrade to you, 0.09 x 8.

If everyone refers, that will generate a huge amount of people and donations, which means all layers except the last few will make a nice amount of money.

From the 4 members who join under you, you will have (current rate) profit around 357$, from the 8 members 1667$ and so on…

These members are those who you recruit and those from your upline (spillover) who pay for the current month.

By clicking here you can download the My Matrix tutorial.

I repeat, I never participate in programs like this, but this time I can guarantee 100% in the professionalism and honesty of the organizers.

As I said the program started just now and those who join NOW have a really BIG CHANCE OF MAKING GOOD PROFIT EASY!

You can send bitoins through your bitcoin wallets, I recommend blockchain  since it’s very simple.

Click tha banner below to join!

I’m always here to help anyone interested in the business.


I wish you good luck!