Loyal Crypto

Is a company which has my absolute trust since it’s founded by colleagues from My Traffic Value company with whom I’m working for years now and they have a 100% recommendation and backup from the MTV’s CEO Marc de Koning.

More security than this is not necessary.

The company is trading crypto currencies (much like trading stocks on the market).

The founders are very experienced traders and have substantial capital to do it.

Have a look at the promotional video – 




You can fund your account in BTC or LTC.

If you need help with this, let me know.

The funds are automatically transferred in US$.

You can then invest those funds in business (owners use your money for trading) and you’ll get 20% profit, after some time. For example, on 100$ invested, you’ll get 20% profit, total 120US$.

How much time nobody can tell you exactly, it may be very fast or it may be a bit slower, depending on how successful the trades are.

This business is ideal for people who want to have their piece of cake from trading but lack experience or time to do it themselves.

At the moment it’s possible only to deposit funds, not to invest.

The investing will start on 25th of June.

Company also has a very interesting ‘referral’ system, and bonus system (for biggest investors and best promoters) which can bring even several thousands US$ weekly! 🙂

Open a free account by clicking on the banner below or this link



I wish you all the best with this business and am here for any help needed!


Mike 🙂